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Comfort Air - Protecting People

Camfil Farr ventilation filters prevent airborne particles from
reducing airflow volumes in HVAC systems. During their lifetime,
these filters keep air-handling systems clean so they can perform
in accordance with design parameters. These same filters also
help safeguard the well-being and health of people.

Camfil Farr's comfort air filters are commonly used in office
buildings, schools, hospitals, conference centers shopping malls
and airports.

Below is a part of our big range of products:

Extended surface non-suspended
air filter.

 hi-flo g
A new easy to dispose version
of the well known bagfilter.

Extended surface non-supported
air filter.

Extended surface medium
efficiency filter.

Medium efficiency pleated
panel filter.

Rigid box filter.

Versatile cylinder buildup of filter
units for easy application..

Rigid box filter.

Side access filter system.



standard glass fiber
low boron media

Rigid, compact high
efficiency filter.

High efficiency HEPA/ULPA

separator filters
High efficiency Absolute

 super absolute
An Absolute filter with larger media
area achieved by using tapered
aluminium separators.


Roomside replaceable HEPA/ULPA
ceiling or wall diffuser housing.