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Backflow Preventers & Strainers



To protect the water supply from
pollution. The most serious threat to precious supplies of drinking
water is from the backflow of
contaminated water. For that...
Honeywell BRAUKMANN offers a
broad range of backflow prevention
devices for domestic and industrial


Water Filters & Filter Combinations

A Honeywell BRAUKMANN innovation,
the reverse rinsing mechanism is the
most effective filter cleaning available.
Maintains cleaner water and better flow.


Pressure Reducing Valves

Where water pressures are excessive, BRAUKMANN pressure regulating valves are commonly used.
The primary purpose is to protect pipes, valves and appliances from damage due to high pressure.
Another purpose is to decrease water consumption and wastage.

Safety Valves & Groups

Safety Valves and Safety groups by Honeywell BRAUKMANN
for safety when dealing with heated pressurised water vessels.


Heating Installations & Control

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